Show Schedule:


3pm-5pm PST

w/ Steve & Nico


5pm-6pm PST

Sounds of the Abyss
(Starting 10/28)
w/ Coby & Dakota

6pm-8pm PST

Rollin' with the Fogg
w/ Greg Fogg

8pm-10pm PST

Sub Rosa Sound Radio
w/ Ariel Wang


8am-9am PST

Radio Free LRAD
w/ Edward Morris

4pm-6pm PST

Sensory Tangle
w/ Marji Marlowe

6pm-8pm PST

Toasty Tunes
w/ Alex Toast

8pm-9pm PST

Radio Seance with Your Psychic Friends
w/ Oskan and Maag

9pm-10pm PST

Fresh Unoriginal
w/ DJ Wineglass

10pm-12am PST

w/ A Strange Bird

12am-1am PST

The Midnight Mystics
w/ Zachary & Jordan

8am-10am PST

The Kurtis Copenhagan Show
w/  Kurtis & Micaela

10am-11am PST

Key Plays
w/ Jeffrey Swiss

11am-12pm PST

Growing Taller & Growing Older
w/ Katie Chua

12pm-1pm PST

Reflective Eclectic
(Starting 10/28)
w/ Bruce Reiter

6pm-7pm PST

The Melting Point
w/ DJ Jesse Drip

7pm-8pm PST

The Latin Island
w/ Cerby-cerberus


8am-10am PST

The High Life
w/ The High End Low Lives

10am-11am PST

Everything and Nothing
w/ Kris & Charlie

11am-12pm PST

Rose Bold Radio
w/ DJ LK

12pm-1pm PST

The Root Note
w/ Trent Price

1pm-2pm PST

Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell 
w/ Notorious PFB

2pm-4pm PST

Pet Door Show 
w/ Hannah Werdmuller

4pm-6pm PST

Inside the Fishbowl 
w/ DJ Fish 'n' DJ Chip

6pm-8pm PST

In the Mix
w/ FoxForce005

8pm-9pm PST

w/ Tay Robin

9pm-10pm PST

The Bewitching Hour

w/ Amy Bleu

10pm-11pm PST

Subliminal Lovin'
w/ The LoverlyLoverlyLover


10am-11am PST

The Hour That Stretches
w/ Edward Morris

11am-12pm PST

Stop & Smell the Roses
w/ John Carter

2pm-4pm PST

If This Ain't a Business
w/ Dave & Joe

4pm-5pm PST

w/ Kelly McCrillis

5pm-6pm PST

Needle Drop
w/ Anne-Louise & Bob Sterry

6pm-7pm PST

Friday in the Fort
w/ Fort Hamilton

7pm-9pm PST

Friends of Slop
w/ DJ Larraby

9pm-10pm PST

Cruisewave Vaporsynth
w/ DJ ratbainbow

10pm-12am PST

The Quieter Storm
w/ Skylar Grace & Safepurge


10am-11am PST

The Fun Show
w/ Jessica & Kelly

11am-12pm PST

The Scour Hour
w/ DJ Amalgamated

1pm-3pm PST

The Smoke Break
w/ Zane Thomas

3pm-5pm PST

Jahkey B at the Controls
w/ Jahkey B

5pm-7pm PST

The Deluxe Edition
w/ Dan Gervais

7pm-8pm PST

Liquid Hot Magma
w/ DJ Royal FIsh


10am-12pm PST

Celestial Sundays
w/ Moonlit Britt

12pm-1pm PST

Groove Family Hour
w/ Andy

1pm-2pm PST

The Station Wagon
(Starting 10/3)
w/ Callie & Brian

2pm-3pm PST

Eric's Music Room
w/ Eric L.

3pm-4pm PST

Midnight Afternoons
w/ DJ Kennady

4pm-5pm PST

The Soju Hour
w/ Poor Boy

5pm-6pm PST

Lunchbox Variety Show
w/ Camille Rose & Ashley Elizabeth from Complimentary Colors 

6pm-8pm PST

BAAM Hour 
w/ Taylor G.

8pm-11:30pm PST

Nocturnal Submissions 
w/ Brian & Callie