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About Us!

Welcome to Shady Pines Radio – Your 24/7 Sonic Playground!

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Hey, it's Callie and Brian, co-founders of Shady Pines Radio—a 24/7 online community radio station and hub for our creative community.

Our Journey

Back in 2016, we took the exciting leap to start Shady Pines Media, our very own video production team and recording studio in Portland, OR. It's been an incredible journey where we've not only created lots of cool media, but also hosted open mics, immersing ourselves in the local creative scene. We’ve had the joy of sharing stages and studio time with some amazingly talented folks. These experiences have woven us into the fabric of Portland's inspiring and lively community of artists, which has been a privilege and a delight.

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When the pandemic hit, we found ourselves at a crossroads, just like so many in our creative community. Everything was changing rapidly, and we knew we had to adapt, and fast. That's when Shady Pines Radio was born in April 2020. It became our way of keeping the local creative spirits high, ensuring that despite the lockdown, we stayed connected, inspired, and, most importantly, kept creating.

Our Mission

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Shady Pines Radio is committed to energizing our local music and arts culture. Our focus is to shine a light on underrepresented artists and give them a voice. We do this by providing a warm and welcoming platform not only for these artists, but also for our dedicated DJs and volunteers. They are the heartbeat of our community, sharing their unique visions and connecting deeply with listeners through the power of radio.

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Our Community

Over the past few years, Shady Pines Radio has grown into a vibrant community of over a hundred DJs and volunteers, hosting shows and events around Portland. Shady Pines Radio is fueled by the passion and dedication of our volunteers, who invest their hearts into creating a vibrant hub united by a love for music and community.

Join Us

As Shady Pines Radio navigates a path towards financial sustainability, your involvement becomes crucial. Your support is the key to empowering us to maintain and amplify our mission, paving the way for us to soar to greater heights together. Your contributions are what keep the music flowing and the 'ON AIR' light aglow, enabling us to champion under-the-radar artists and cultivate a lively community.

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Be Part of Our Story

Shady Pines Radio is a labor of love, and we're brimming with exciting ideas to expand our project's reach. In addition to our broadcasting, we also organize a variety of live events throughout the greater Portland area, including our annual summer music festival and campout, Shady Pines Festival. We are also aspiring to establish a proper Shady Pines Radio studio and community hub. This space will be more than just a studio–it will be a center for community gatherings, a performance venue, and an educational resource to spur collaboration and creativity. Additional funding is essential to turning these dreams into a reality.

Thank You!

A huge shoutout to our existing community and a warm welcome to new listeners and supporters. Together, we're not just making radio; we're making history. Thank you for believing in the power of community-driven radio!

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