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Radio Séance
w/ Your Psychic Friends
Tuesdays 8-9pm PT
Tuesdays 8-9pm PT


Radio Séance summons voices from the past in a sonic journey through the fabric of time. We began our show in 1966 with the birth of psychedelic music and have been traveling chronologically since then. The Séance examines all sides of cosmic music from sunshine pop to free jazz to Motown hits. If it takes you higher, we’re playing it. Charming clairvoyant hosts Maag, Oskan, and Ava offer a gentle onslaught of music history trivia and whittle away at your sanity with bad puns aplenty. So stick a crystal in your bra, strap into your time machine, and convene with your Psychic Friends in the SPR app chat room every Tuesday night at 8pm PT.


For more past episodes, tap the DJ's username in the player.
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