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Every Sunday at 8pm, Callie & Brian (of Shady Pines Media) play your music submissions on Nocturnal Submissions. (Originals only, 5 minutes or less)


All genres welcome! We love demos, deep cuts, and experimental recordings as much as polished material.


Please do not send more than one song in a week, max 2 per month.


Please consider tipping your songtender with a donation to Shady Pines Radio.

Submit an mp3 file using the form below

If you don't have your song in mp3 format, you can convert it here​.

Tip your songtender! Help us keep the "ON AIR" light on by donating a to Shady Pines Radio!


Win cool stuff when you donate.


Send us a song!
* Maximum of 1 song per week *
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Thanks for submitting! We'll keep you posted.

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