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About Us!

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Hi! We're Callie and Brian Bauer. We started Shady Pines Media in 2016, a video production team and basement recording studio here in Portland, Oregon. 

​We also used to host a couple of open mics in town at EastBurn Public House and Cruzroom Annex. Over the past few years we’ve had the the pleasure of sharing stages and working in the studio with many amazing and talented people, and becoming part of a vibrant and inspiring community of local artists.

When the pandemic started, it quickly became clear that our livelihood, and that of so many of our peers, was going to change, and we would have to somehow adapt.

With the help of our friend Zachary Wolk, who had a background in internet radio, we decided to launch Shady Pines Radio in April 2020, as a way to help keep local creatives connected, inspired, and creating during the lockdown.

Since then, we’ve grown to host nearly a hundred DJ’s on the station, who lovingly curate weekly shows highlighting under-the-radar music, poetry, comedy, and more. This project has grown into something much bigger and more permanent than just a way to keep busy during quarantine.

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We love doing this, and we truly believe in the power of this unique platform. Shady Pines Radio is a place where you can tune in and hear performances by your friends, yourself, artists you love, and ones you’ve never heard before. A sonic playground where people can experiment, share ideas, and discover new sounds.

A spotlight. A satellite. A megaphone. A virtual stage based here in Portland, and extending far, far beyond!

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