Cosmic Taco Love Shack
w/ Big Papa Warrior & Cloudbabe
Sundays 3-4pm PT


Sunday is for Cruisin'! If you didn't get enough of that extrasensorial satisfaction on Tuesday, Cosmic Taco is back once again, Sunday afternoons at 3 PM. Big Papa Warrior (AKA Moon Papa) is joined by the Goddess of the Interstellar Airwaves, DJ Cloudbabe. Together they're taking your most Cosmic, Erotic, Hypnotic Love Dedications for a Sunday Afternoon Cruise around the globe... It's a Universal Celebration of Love, Lust and Bliss, in all their freaky forms. Sincere, sweet fun for love-crazed sonic seekers. Sip some absinthe and do it on your personal dance floor with us!