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Classical Curiosity Cabinet
w/ Lucie
Wednesdays 8am-9am PT
Wednesdays 8am-9am PT


Can I catch your curiosity with classical music? This show is not meant for the specialists, but for the explorers. The random themes are merely excuses to put together classical pieces, like you would gather on a shelf a glittery stone, the scull of a bird, and an old night train ticket to Rome. Every theme brings up symbols, stories, facts and memories, and with them pieces from diverse styles, times and places, some famous, some less, and there are so many to pick from, really, that a few should be new to your ears (we all have our comfort zones, don't we?). For the complete details of the playlists, look them up on Spotify under "SPR-CCC".


For more past episodes, tap the DJ's username in the player.
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